Art Exhibition: The Weight Of It All

Thought-provoking Art Exhibition by Mariza Halliday to take center stage at The Atrium at Athlone Civic Center. The Westmeath Arts office and Westmeath County Council are delighted to announce an extraordinary art exhibition featuring the mindful works of self-taught artist Mariza Halliday.

The exhibition will take place at The Atrium, located at the Athlone Civic Center, from July 31 to September 1, 2023, with the launch evening being held on Tuesday, 1 August 2023 at 5:30 pm.

This confronting exhibition will showcase a series of paintings that delve into the artist’s personal struggle with mental health. Born out of a period of grief following the loss of a close friend, these artworks have evolved into a poignant representation of Mariza’s own journey with mental health over the years, offering viewers a visual glimpse into the intricacies of her mind.

Through her art, Mariza aims to encourage conversations about mental health, challenging stigmas, and fostering a supportive environment for those grappling with their own mental well-being. In a heartfelt gesture, she has pledged to donate 20% of the sales from this series to Pieta, a renowned organization dedicated to providing vital support to individuals in crisis.

Mariza Halliday’s art exhibition promises to be a touching experience, inviting visitors to engage with her striking and evocative creations. It is sure to captivate viewers with its depth and raw expression. Each brushstroke reflects a profound connection to her own emotions.

The Westmeath Arts office and Westmeath County Council are honoured to facilitate this exceptional exhibition, recognizing Mariza Halliday’s immense talent and her contribution to the local art community. The Atrium at Athlone Civic Center, with its spacious and inviting setting, provides the perfect backdrop for Mariza’s artwork to shine and immerse visitors in her creative vision.

We invite art enthusiasts, patrons, and the general public to mark their calendars and attend this awe-inspiring exhibition, which will run from July 31 to September 1, 2023, at The Atrium, Athlone Civic Center.

Join the important conversation surrounding mental health. Together, let us break the stigma and create a more compassionate and understanding society. Instagram: @equanimity_art

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